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Interview Tips

man shaking hands before a job interview


  • Cultivate positivity: Refrain from expressing negative sentiments about current or previous employers and colleagues.
  • Be considerate with requests: Unless there's a genuine need for accommodations due to a handicap, avoid proposing special hours or equipment upfront.
  • Tactful negotiation: Steer clear of initiating salary discussions or making demands during the early stages of the interview.
  • Strategic questioning: Save inquiries about vacation days, sick leave, or holidays for a more appropriate time in the interview process.
  • Avoid restrictive declarations: Instead of listing things you won't do, focus on your positive contributions and flexibility.
  • Company familiarity: Demonstrate your interest by refraining from asking basic questions like, "What does your company do?" Be well-prepared.
  • Show enthusiasm: Replace casual statements like "I saw your ad and thought I'd give this a try" with a more confident and purposeful introduction.
  • Balanced self-awareness: Acknowledge areas for growth without resorting to overused clichés such as "I don't have any negative points."
  • Foster collaboration: Steer clear of argumentative statements and focus on your ability to work effectively within a team.
  • Uphold professionalism: Resist the urge to whine or complain, presenting yourself as resilient and solution-oriented.
  • Honesty prevails: Maintain integrity by avoiding dishonest or misleading statements throughout the interview.
  • Professional language: Eschew slang and expletives to maintain a polished and refined communication style.
  • Respectful interactions: Refrain from making derogatory remarks about any gender, race, or nationality, ensuring a respectful and inclusive dialogue.